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Viviscal – A Review of the Viviscal Extra-Sizing Supplement

Viviscal is a prescription shampoo used for treating conditions like dry and oily scalp. The question that many people have is, does Viviscal really work? The first Viviscal review I found actually mentioned that it worked well but not as well as the next product. The next review actually confirmed that it did work and didn’t produce any adverse side effects. Now, I decided to conduct a full Viviscal review after reading only the pros and con reviews. This review is my personal opinion based on my experience with the products.


The first hypothesis of the clinical study is that the intake of Viviscal Extra-strength over a period of 3 months will increase and promote the growth of more terminal hairs in female subjects, especially those women who have thinning hair or are experiencing other thinning hair problems. The results were conclusive: Viviscal caused a significant increase in terminal hair growth plus an increase in thickness over the course of the 3 months. The effect is not extraordinary. It is the consistency. That is what got me into Viviscal in the first place: consistent results. To make a long story short, I stopped using Viviscal and the next thing I noticed was that my hair had started to fall out.

The next aspect of Viviscal review I wanted to look into was whether or not there were any adverse side effects from using viviscal products. The review did not mention any adverse side effects but there are enough questions that I think every consumer should be made aware of them. According to the viviscal website, there are no known interactions, discoloration, allergies, or skin rash that I have noticed while using viviscal products. Based on my own personal experience with viviscal, there seems to be a minimal risk associated with the product, though there is always a risk when you put anything into your body.

According to the viviscal website, the hair washed products contain natural plant extracts and essential oils. According to the official web site, the active ingredient in viviscal “is a combination of natural plant extracts and essential oils. These ingredients work together to stimulate hair growth, thicken thick hair, and sooth our bodies.” According to the official site, these ingredients “are completely safe for use by both men and women, and they do not cause any adverse side effects. In addition to being completely safe, they are also scientifically proven to promote hair growth.”

According to the viviscal review, this is not the only hair growth product available for women. They also carry a product called “Marine Complex”. The viviscal site advertises Maria Jessica gordonii as the “new miracle ingredient” for helping women re-grow thinning hair. According to the viviscal review, the new marine complex “is scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the roots of the hair and roots of the follicles”.

The viviscal extra-strength supplement consists of a proprietary blend of seven different plant sources. According to the company, these ingredients are “essential for re-growth of the hair”. This alone might be enough to encourage you to buy viviscal – if the price is low enough and the claims seem reasonable.

According to the viviscal website, the formula is composed of “minerals and botanicals that work synergistically to support the regrowth of hairs”. They also claim that this treatment will result in terminal hair diameter increases of between four and nine inches. The terminal hair diameter increase is supposed to be permanent, though it is believed that the actual change in the selected target area can be experienced over the course of three to six months. If this claim sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

The viviscal website also claims that the treatment contains “phytoestrogens”, which is a naturally occurring hormone. This is the first time that I have heard of a hair growth product (hormone) that is said to promote female thinning hair. According to the website, this hormone “is similar in its action to the female sex hormone estrogen”. While estrogen is known to play a role in male pattern baldness, it is not clear whether or not it has an effect on hair growth in females.