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Using Anti-Perspirants – What You Should Know Before Using It

An anti-perspirant is a chemical solution applied to your body to stop or mask excessive body smell caused by bacterial breakdown of sweat in the armpits, feet, and groin, in cases where no other solutions are available. A class of anti-perspirants, also known as antiperspirants, blocks sweating itself, usually by obstructing sweat glands themselves. This is most commonly seen as a result of body fat accumulation in obese people. Such fat deposits can make it difficult to regulate your body temperature and make you easily prone to body odors. Anti-perspirants have the added benefit of helping to alleviate some of the social embarrassment of sweating, which means that they are a more effective treatment for hyperhidrosis than oral antiperspirant medications.


What Are the best products? You should consider purchasing at least one type of antiperspirant product. There are many different brand names and types available on the market. Some companies make their own product, such as Astroglide, while others contract out their manufacturing. You can find these products at stores like Walmart and drugstores. The internet also offers a great variety of products for purchase.

How do you know which of these anti-perspirants is best for you? You should use a product that best matches your personal situation and symptoms. To review some of the best products, check out my Sweating Treatment blog, where I review products that reduce sweat through the use of aluminum chloride hexahydrate or its simpler alternative, aluminum chlorohydrate. You can also read about the latest products in this category on my personal website.

If you’re interested in using aluminum chloride hexahydrate solutions, you should take note that these products are usually applied in very thin layers to the surface of the skin. This method is used in the treatment of dermatitis and athlete’s foot. Typically, you apply the solution to affected areas one at a time. To be effective, you should be able to use the solution for about 30 minutes before washing your hands with soap and water. If you don’t feel comfortable applying the solution directly to your skin, you can also buy a roll-on powder instead.

How do you choose between various brands of anti-perspirants? One way to compare different products is to read consumer reviews. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for information about different anti-perspirants and other personal care products. In my review of the aforementioned aluminum chloride hexahydrate solution, for example, I listed four common consumer complaints. These include:

What are the best options for treating excessive sweating? One alternative that I discussed in my review of AltaWhite is using a dehumidifier. These products reduce the humidity in a room, which allows you to more comfortably regulate the temperature in your house. They are relatively inexpensive, but you should still check consumer reviews to determine whether or not they have positive reviews.

If I want to use a product that does not require a prescription, what should I look for? My review of OTC products did not focus on whether or not you needed a prescription for each product I reviewed. However, you should consider asking your doctor if you are currently on any medications or over the counter medications. If you are currently on blood thinners or antibiotics, you should ask your doctor if you might need to switch to a different product. These products typically do not require a doctor’s approval.

If you are thinking of trying one of the OTC solutions mentioned in my review, I encourage you to take the time to do your homework and do some research. Choose a product that has a proven track record of helping people, is safe, effective, and does not contain ingredients that may be irritating to your skin. If you use it consistently and correctly, you can dramatically reduce the amount of sweat you produce. And, if you are able to avoid sweating altogether, that would be even better!