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Tips For Choosing A Hair Shampoo

Shampoo is an everyday hair care item, usually in the form of a thick lather viscous liquid, which is used for cleansing. Less commonly, shampoo comes in bar form, such as a bar of shampoo. When shampooing, use the gentle circular motions to wash your hair thoroughly. Use a towel to gently dry your hair after each shampoo. Regular use of shampoo can damage your hair and result in dandruff, breakage, and dizziness.


Most shampoos have ingredients added to them to help achieve various results. The main ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as sodium laureth sulfate, a foaming agent that helps lift dirt and oils from your hair and scalp. It leaves your hair and scalp with a great cleansing feeling. As an added bonus, the foaming agent also makes the shampoo foam and helps reduce hair loss and dandruff. But, if you use shampoo too often, or use harsh shampoos, your hair can suffer from skin irritation, breakage, and even in some cases, baldness.

To reduce the amount of shampoo you use, or to help prevent dandruff and other problems caused by frequent shampooing, it’s best to use natural shampoos that are specially formulated for your hair type. When purchasing shampoo, it’s best to purchase shampoo that claims to be for all hair types. Using a conditioner to further strengthen your hair and coat it with moisture is an important step when trying to maintain a healthy head of hair. Conditioner will help prevent breakage and protect your hair from becoming brittle, therefore giving your hair the best chance to grow back.

While using a shampoo and conditioner, it is best to avoid using a conditioner rinse. Rinse the hair thoroughly first to remove excess water. Then, use a small amount of shampoo on wet hair to rinse. Never rinse completely with water to close pores and prevent greasy build up.

To give dry shampoo a head start in getting rid of excess oil, try using a clarifying shampoo often. Clarifying shampoos work to remove any dirt, debris, and oil that are left over from other haircare products. This prevents your hair from becoming too greasy and encourages a healthier scalp and less dirt. Also, make sure to only wash your hair once a week with a clarifying shampoo. Cleansing more often promotes build up of dirt and debris that could clog pores and contribute to greasy hair.

Using a mild herbal cleanser can also help keep greasy hair from building up. Be careful when choosing a cleansing product as many contain harsh detergents that will strip hair out over time. Many herbal shampoos contain calming agents such as lemongrass, chamomile, or mint. Herbal cleansers can be used in the same manner as commercial shampoos without worrying about allergic reactions to detergents. Look for cleansers that contain herbs such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, green tea, or even peppermint for a soothing and anti-bacterial effect.

The best hair shampoo is the one that does not strip the hair out over time. Look for a shampoo that contains natural ingredients that will not dry out the scalp. Look for one with coconut oil, jojoba oil, or glycerin. These ingredients will condition and moisturize the hair while preventing scalping from becoming too dry and hard. As scalp gets too dry, dirt gets trapped inside which leads to clogged pores and can lead to breakage.

Using a mild herbal shampoo will leave your scalp feeling clean and healthy. Using a detangling shampoo at least once a week will help to keep the hair looking healthy and strong. Detangling shampoos are often used in combination with a deep conditioning shampoo. Always rinse thoroughly after rinsing and follow up with a good moisturizing shampoo.

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