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The Best Oil-Free Moisturizers Contain No Irritants

It’s difficult not to be overwhelmed when shopping for Oil-Free, Anti-Aging, Sensitive, Wrinkle Efficient, Oily Gel, and Sea Skin products. There are hundreds of these kinds of products available, with many brands claiming to be the best. Some brands you’ve probably heard of: Clarins, Neutrogena, Avon, Dove, and Strivectin. Some are household names you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t. With literally hundreds to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?


The best products in this category are those that contain natural ingredients. For example, rather than adding alcohol or petroleum jelly as ingredients to an oil-free gel moisturizer, look for grapefruit seed extract. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural emollient that will not leave your skin dry. It is also highly effective at containing antioxidants to fight the free radicals in your body, which are what primarily cause wrinkles and other aging signs.

The best products are made with high-quality ingredients and undergo stringent manufacturing standards. If the manufacturing company doesn’t label it “petrolatum”, that means they are using something synthetic that’s not compatible with our skin’s sebum, which produces moisture. Petrolatum should never be included in skin care products. Some companies try to pass it off as “vegetable oil”. They aren’t referring to the vegetable oils that are used for making salad dressings, but to the petroleum-based product that you see listed first on product labels as “petrolatum”.

The best oil-free moisturizers are plant-based. These moisturizers are deeply hydrating and penetrate deep into the skin to replenish essential moisture that’s been stripped away by age. They are usually very similar to the natural oils produced by the skin. They are the best at healing the most common signs of aging. The best anti-wrinkle creams and lotions contain them.

The best oil-free moisturizers contain extracts from nut grass root, grape seed and jojoba. These are the most effective moisturizers. They stimulate the production of sebum, which makes the skin’s surface less likely to become dry. They also contain antioxidants to help fight the free radicals in your body.

There are only two moisturizing agents in the best oil-free moisturizers. Functional Keratin is an important ingredient. Research has shown that it improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It increases the amount of collagen and elastin, the skin has.

The best oil-free moisturizers contain jojoba. This oil is heavier than most moisturizers. It absorbs quickly into the skin. It is very similar to the skin’s own sebum. Jojoba extracts are used to soften, soothe and condition.

In addition to using a special moisturizer to keep your skin soft, you should avoid oil-based make-up. It is difficult to apply make-up to people with oily skin. You can soften your skin by using a lightweight oil-free moisturizer. If you feel that your skin requires a heavy moisturizer, you may want to use oil-free mineral make-up.

To find the best oil-free moisturizers, look for manufacturers that say they use natural ingredients. That way, you don’t need to choose among several harsh chemicals. You just need one without the risk of chemicals harming your skin. You don’t want to spend money on products you don’t think have effective ingredients.

Natural oils are good for you, too. If your skin is sensitive, you should choose the best oil-free moisturizers carefully. There may be some that cause more damage than good. In addition, you don’t want to use petroleum jelly or other greasy ingredients. They clog the pores and interferes with exfoliation.

There are no regulations specific to the kinds of ingredients the best oil-free moisturizers contain. What is considered the best? Natural vitamin E oil, which also contains natural antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin C. These antioxidants fight free radicals that cause cellular aging and diseases. Free radicals are also considered to be the cause of wrinkles and many other signs of age.

Your best oil-free moisturizers are not made from mineral oil, petrolatum or paraffin wax. They are natural, plant-based oils like grape seed oil and Shea butter. Grape seed oil is especially helpful for dry, itchy skin, because of its richness in linolenic acid. It is very similar to the skin’s own sebum, so it is easily absorbed and does not clog the pores.