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Skin Lightening Creams – The Benefits of Lightening Your Skin

Skincare products sold as skin lightening products may contain chemical compounds that either whiten the skin or chemically bleach the skin. They also often claim to assist in making the skin appear lighter overall, creating more even skin color. While the claims may be true for some of the cosmetic products on the market, not all of them are. As you read through this article, you will learn some of the main ingredients that are typically found in a skin-whitening cream or lotion, as well as how to tell which ones actually work and which ones do not.


There are several types of skin bleaching creams available, and it is important to know which products are the best for your skin type. The easiest way to determine which one is appropriate for your needs is to look closely at the list of ingredients, which should include agents that have been proven to bleach or whiten skin safely. Some ingredients commonly found in skin bleaching products include hydroquinone (or H EQ10), tyrosine, and mercury.

If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes that are puffy or a little tender, it is very possible that you are suffering from a condition known as contact dermatitis, which is caused by exposure to mercury. In a comprehensive review of skin bleaching products, one cosmetic company noted that almost all of their products contained mercury, as well as hydroquinone and other mercury-based compounds. While there is no link between mercury poisoning and dark spots on the skin, it can be very upsetting to develop patches or large areas of redness in these areas, and you want to make sure that any of the skin bleaching products you use do not contain mercury. You can learn more about the products that the review looked at by clicking on the links below.

As mentioned above, many people wonder whether or not skin-lightening creams and lotions are over-the-counter products, because they are so readily available at local drug stores and discount retailers. The short answer is no. While some of the ingredients in these products may be allowed to be sold as ingredients because they are generally recognized as safe for use, they are not considered over-the-counter products. Instead, you need to be looking for products that are sold as a type of cosmetic, rather than a health product, because the FDA does not regulate cosmetics at all. To find these types of products, you will want to start by going online and doing a search for “body shop products” to find that cosmetic companies make them.

In addition to trying out which products on the internet are actually considered over-the-counter treatments, you should also ask your doctor what he or she recommends. Many dermatologists or optometrists can give you the best skin lightening cream information that you can get. However, keep in mind that your treatment needs to be one that will work well with your particular skin condition. For example, if you have dark circles caused by hemoglobin build-up, you may not want to use a cream that thickens and whitens your hemoglobin. However, if you have wrinkles caused by free radical damage, you may be a great candidate for a skin care treatment that prevents inflammation and destroys free radicals. Only your dermatologist can give you this kind of recommendation, however, and it is important that you trust him or her since your skin condition could affect many other aspects of your health.

Of course, while there are many excellent over-the-counter products that contain only naturally-derived ingredients, there are also some that do contain artificial ingredients. If you have a blemished complexion, or an unusual skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, you may want to stay away from any artificial lighteners, dyes, or preservatives. The best lightening products are those that contain natural vitamin E as an active ingredient, along with aloe vera, avocado oil, or folic acid. These substances are extremely effective at lightening skin, even skin that is heavily pigmented.

Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from dark spots, even brown spots, under their eyes. These people should avoid all lightening products, especially the ones that are available without a prescription, as they may contain harsh synthetic chemicals. It is always best to consult with a dermatologist if you have problems with your complexion that cannot be treated with over-the-counter products. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the safest and most effective type of skin-lightening cream that contains these ingredients. He or she may also be able to recommend a cosmetic procedure for those spots that you do want to get rid of.

Most people who use skin-lightening products find that their skin begins to clear up within just a few weeks of beginning the treatment. You will have a healthier complexion, because the skin-lightening products that are used will have gotten deep into the pores of the skin and whitened them. You will have fresher looking skin, without having to worry about the sun. Many people who have enjoyed using skin-lightening products have found that they are much more comfortable after just a few weeks of daily use. In addition, when you do purchase skin-lightening products, make sure that you purchase ones that have ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe for you to use.