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Shaving Myths – Shaving Cream Or Shaving Gel?

Shaving is a common everyday activity for both men and women. It is necessary and useful, but a question of safety arises as well. This question is raised because shaving is not as simple and harmless as one thinks. To begin with, shaving is a painful process. By using a sharp blade or any other bladed implement, manually or electrically, to cut down hair, often to the level of your skin or otherwise.


As compared to soaps, shavers have more advantages. For example, using a sharp safety razor does not leave you open to side effects such as cuts, nicks and other superficial skin problems. These side effects may be more of a nuisance when compared to the pain one experiences while shaving. However, one should consider the quality of the shaver before buying them. Most shavers available in the market today have blades that are made of carbon steel.

Shaving does not cause any damage to the skin unlike soap. You may find irritation after shaving, but this is usually short lived. To prevent irritation from occurring, apply a good moisturizer after the shave. It is best that you use an aftershave lotion as well, instead of soap; this will help keep your skin moist and free from irritation.

To improve your shaving experience, consider the appropriate shaving tools and equipment. Amongst the tools, the shaving brush should rank high on your list. A good quality shaving brush will prevent the whisker from growing into nicks and cuts. A good brand can be easily found in any local shopping mall. Discount shaving brush kits can also be found over the counter.

Using a dry shave can provide you with a close, smooth shave without getting cut or nicks. All you need to do is wet the blade and pull the hair straight across your face starting from the back and working your way to the front. Using a dry shave will result in a closer, smoother shave. One thing you can do to get a close shave without getting cut is to make use of electric razor blades. Electric razors are very easy to use and require only a little time for application and shaving.

Another shaving myth is that electric razors leave the skin dry. In fact, the moisture helps in keeping your skin moist and soft for a longer period of time. Electric razors use electricity to execute the shaving process and as such, do not require oil. Oiling the skin prevents the razor from cutting the hairs too close and also provides enough lubrication for a comfortable shave.

Shaving in a downward direction is also a shaving myth. It is more effective to shave in an up and down motion. This results in a closer, smoother shave and also prevents your face from becoming dry and sore. For best results, it is better to use a single blade. Purchasing single-blade shaving equipment helps you save time and effort as you need not switch between two different models.

Some men feel that using a safety razor is more effective than using disposable razors. A safety razor does not use any electric current; it uses blades made of medical grade, hypoallergenic materials. These blades are blunt and allow for near 100% safety against cuts and nicks. These blades are available in various shapes and sizes to suit personal needs. To achieve the best results, always choose a blade size that is suited to your shaving style.

Another common myth is that aftershaves work better than shaving creams. In fact, both are equally good and the best way to get the best from either is to use a shaving brush. Both a shaving brush and shaving soap help to clean the hairs and remove dead skin cells that can clog the pores leading to ingrown hairs.

Shaving gels are another myth. While some gels are more effective than others, all work well as shaving cream. The key reason why a shaving gel works so well is that it contains ingredients such as glycerin, propylene glycol and sodium hydroxide. Glycerin and propylene glycol help to moisturize the skin while sodium hydroxide works wonders for removing the hair from the root.

Shaving creams are just as important as shaving. There are many different brands in the market and each one claims to be the best. But in order for the cream to work as a shaving cream, it should contain the mentioned ingredients. It should also be in a water-based formula, as water-based shaving creams work best on facial hair. Most importantly, a good brand will contain sunscreen, which helps to prevent skin damage caused by razor burns.