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Paraben-Free Face Creams Fight Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Paraben-free is not a new term but only recently has it become one of the hot sales buzzwords. This is mainly due to the fact that many major cosmetic companies have made it a priority to create paraben-free formulas in order to increase their profit margin by using them instead of the more effective natural ingredients. However, what is really the best items for skincare with no parabens? The answer, of course, depends on your unique skin type and needs.


One way to ensure that you’re getting the best products without a trace of any parabens is to look for them online and in stores. The big cosmetic companies spend millions of dollars each year on advertising and promotion. That means they have a lot of money to spend on promoting these products to you! If a company can afford to advertise on television and in magazines, then they most likely have money to spend on trying to find the best products for your skin. The same is true of smaller companies – they don’t have the budget to advertise on television or radio so they rely on the internet to get the word out about what they have to offer. If a company has done a good job in developing a product, they will spend lots of time and money making sure that you know about it.

If you are looking for the best products without a trace of any parade, you need to be very careful when shopping online and looking for discount coupons. If a website offers you an amazing discount, there is a chance that it’s not actually legitimate. Unfortunately, there are also websites that will use the terms “paraben-free” and “no paraben” to lure you into buying cheap cosmetics. These sites are not to be trusted and you should definitely avoid them at all costs.

There is only one type of paraben-free product that you can buy. This ingredient is called sodium methylparaben and it is completely safe for your skin. It’s cheap to get and you won’t see any side effects. If you feel like you’ve been exposed to this substance, you can take some action to cleanse your system and get yourself back on track. This way, you won’t have to worry about developing skin conditions like acne or even worse.

For now, you should focus your search for paraben-free products on the main categories. They are: cleansing oils; lotions and creams; body butters and lubricants; face and body moisturizers. Try to find paraben-free shampoo, lotion and cream as well. In fact, this is best served as a permanent lifestyle change. If you are already on a regimen, make sure that you look for paraben-free products in the rest of your daily skincare routine.

In addition to using a high quality paraben-free product, you should also consider making some dietary changes. As we all know, our skin reflects our overall health. A diet rich in vitamin E can help reduce wrinkles, but if you have a diet high in saturated fats and sugar, the antioxidants in the fruits and veggies may not have time to do their job. By eating foods rich in phytochemicals (like blueberries, dark chocolate and nuts) and other healthy compounds, you can help your body’s antioxidant status. So, a diet high in antioxidant-rich foods is a good first step towards a paraben-free life.

Another thing that you can do to fight back against the dangers of parabens is to switch to paraben-free beauty products. The same can be true for your clothes. Switch to paraben-free shampoos and conditioners and consider staying away from synthetic fabrics like wool. All natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo fibers are less likely to trigger the formation of cancer.

It’s also important to choose skincare products that are as natural as possible. That means no added fragrances, colouring agents or perfume. Natural ingredients like grape seed oil, active manuka honey and others are excellent choices. They are gentle on the skin and very effective at rejuvenating your skin. If you want to stay away from side effects like headaches and skin thinning, paraben-free face creams and lotions are your best options.