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Natural Treatments For Puffiness Under Eyes

Many people have been left wondering whether eye puffiness treatment products work at all. There are a number of reasons why some people get under-eye baggy eyes, which can be very embarrassing for anyone. If your bags and dark circles are really dragging you down, perhaps give them a wake up call using these easy, natural solutions. When it comes to puffiness, there’s bad news and good news.


The bad news is that most eye bags and dark circles, or puffy eyes, aren’t caused by lack of sleep. They are caused by lack of proper health. Our skin, whether it’s our face or our eyelids, needs a certain amount of fluid and nutrients every day. One way to get that is by getting enough sleep at night. Most people, however, don’t get enough sleep nightly, which is why their skin becomes dry and baggy.

What does this have to do with sleep? Well, when we go to bed at night, our bodies usually release two chemicals: serotonin and nor epinephrine. These chemicals work together to help keep us calm and stress-free. While many people believe that sleep is the time when the chemicals kick in, the truth is that our eyes and our skin need to be rested too! That is the reason why you may experience bags and dark circles during the day, as well as puffiness.

How can you use natural treatment products to relieve your under-eye bags? One simple treatment method is to gently remove any excess eye makeup using a clean, dry washcloth. After gently washing your face with the washcloth, dab a small amount of the washcloth under your eyes using upward strokes. This will remove any excess sebum or oil that may be clogging your pores.

Then, apply a dab of cocoa butter or an edible lotion directly to your eyeballs. If you don’t want to get messy, you can use a small amount of aloe vera or even fresh slices of tomato. After applying the lotion or butter to your eyes, gently pat it into your skin until it gets into your wrinkles. Try to stay with the lotion or butter for up to 10 minutes. You can then remove it and rinse your face under warm water. To remove excess fat or oil, you can also take a cold compress or use an ice pack on your face.

Some people find that applying concealer products to their faces helps. However, concealer products are difficult to wear and can make you look like you have a bad complexion. Instead, you can use a solution of half apple cider vinegar and half moisturizing soap. The acid in the apple cider vinegar will eliminate excess oil or sebum and the moisturizing soap will help to tighten the skin so that any clogging products will simply run off.

Another very popular remedy for puffiness is gua sha. Gua sha is made from a plant that grows wild in the Amazon forest. Traditionally, gua sha is used to treat a wide range of ailments including liver problems, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, eye diseases, as well as to sooth swelling and redness. If you don’t already have it in your medicine cabinet, you should look into purchasing a small bottle of gua sha to use as a daily facial treatment.

A very common cause of dark circles under eyes is heredity. There is no known reason for this, but there is a natural treatment for puffiness that you can use as an alternative to expensive surgery. The most well known alternative treatment for heredity is the technique of acupuncture. Acupuncture works by removing the stimulation of the nerve endings in the outer layer of the skin that causes these dark circles.