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Marketing Your Brand Through Social Media

“Social Media” is the buzz word in the Internet Marketing world right now. It is a concept that involves using social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to advertise your products, build relationships with prospects, and create sales through links back to your website. These sites are ideal because you can reach out to millions of people and interact with them, using language that is of common interest to them. The best thing about Social Media is that it’s free. In fact, there is no charge to join these sites.


So, how do you promote your brand using SM? First, identify review websites that are related to your products, and register your products on those. If you don’t have a product, you can still use SM as a way to sell your brand. Set up a blog, or launch a sales page on Squidoo or Hubpages, and then link your site to the sales pages of your competitors. Many SMs will also include a link to your website in the sales copy of your competitors’ products. This gives you an edge in the market.

If you are unfamiliar with Social Media or don’t feel comfortable writing sales copy for your brand, I recommend using an experienced copywriter. They are likely to have great insights into how to use SM, and they already know marketers who know how to get the most from Social Media. With their help, you can start building the reputation and brand of your products.

As you promote your products through SMs, you need to be cautious about what you say. Don’t write reviews or pitch products as your company or your product is. Review websites and product review blogs can bring negative publicity to your company, especially if you are promoting products that have not been tested by consumers. Be careful what you say online, especially on review websites. There are legal ramifications for misrepresentation of products.

You need to build a positive image for your brand. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best is to offer free samples. Give away a free sample of one of your products, then ask questions about your customer’s experience. Is there anything that could be done to improve the quality? Are there any problems that you can fix?

One thing you should remember about promoting your products through social media is that your image should be a positive one. When people see a person who uses your brand’s products and who has a positive attitude about it, they are more likely to buy. Also, be careful about what you say on your social media pages. If you are promoting products that are questionable, such as human organs, on your social media page, you may unintentionally alienate some of your customers. It is important that you remain honest while being humorous, engaging or even controversial.

Once you have built a positive social media profile of your brand, you should begin to answer questions from customers. Begin by making reviews of your product as appropriate. Don’t always jump to reviews of specific products. For instance, if you are selling pet collars, answer customers who have questions about the product, not about how the product works. If you want to promote an SRS program, make sure you include reviews of the community that supports the brand.

Promoting your brand through social media allows you to connect with new customers and keep old ones. As well, it can help you brand yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful business owner. Be sure to keep your consumers in the loop. You want them to think of you as a helpful resource and someone they can trust.