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Lip Balm, Lip Smoker and Lip Gloss Reviews

For most of us, that product is Lip Balm. Most ladies can certainly testify to having at least some rolling around on their lips at some point, and who does not always have at least a couple of rolled onto their tongue at once? The next question then becomes, which brand or style is best to offer this sensation? Lip Balm is the first and most well known “lip” product, but other companies are quickly jumping into the field, making offers that rival the best products. Which makes it important to know what makes a great Lip Balm, or any other lip product for that matter.

Lip Balm

As with any other product, you want something that will moisturize your lips, without being overly oily, or drying out your already sensitive skin. In this case, we are looking specifically at two different types of lip balm; lotions, or more specifically, lip sprays. These are very popular in salons and spas, as many ladies love them to keep their lips soft after a long day. Popular brands include; Maybelline, Lip Balm, Lip Smackers, L’Oreal, Nivea, and Cetaphil. Each has their own particular formula, and theirs may be easier to find and much cheaper than the competition.

A Lip Balm should contain a powerful antioxidant in order to protect your lips from the ravages of time. Some of the best ingredients to look for in an antioxidant are Vitamin E, vitamin C, avocado extract, and Shea Butter. Vitamin E helps combat the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, while Vitamin C and avocado extract to help maintain moisture in your lips. L’Oreal’s Lip Balm line uses several of these ingredients, which is why it is probably the most well known. Other popular brands include Lip Smackers, Lip Balm, and Maybelline.

The biggest complaint about lip balms is that they are generally moisturizing and not a direct method of wrinkle removal. When you are applying it to your lips, what you are really doing is trying to lock moisture in. This can work, but usually in the end you will have to reapply it. Other reviewers note that the moisturizing agents in many of these lip balms leave a greasy film that doesn’t go away. This customer found that it usually only took two applications for her lips to get “cracked” again!

Most reviewers find that most lip balms are very good at keeping lips supple and moist. It is important, however, to read the label carefully so that you know what the product is actually composed of. Some products are made primarily of petrolatum or mineral oil, which are not only greasy but also highly susceptible to water-resistance. Other ingredients are much more moisturizing, including Shea butter and vitamin E.

One company that has recently emerged as a leader in alternative healing and personal care is New Zealand’s, Eco Solutions. They produce a line of lip products called “Eco Sensitive” that are made from all natural, plant-based ingredients. Most are fragrance free, although there is one lip balm line that does use bees balm. Bees balm is one of the best choices for deodorizing and soothing irritated, chapped lips. In addition to the lip balm, Eco Solutions also produces a range of cleansing and exfoliating facial skin care products, a line of natural body care, and a complete line of natural soaps, body creams and lotions.

A newer brand on the market is Laneige, which makes lip balms in four different scents-charcoal, sandalwood, tobacco, and berry. Each scent adds a different unique quality of scent. They also offer the popular Lip Smacker (a lip balm that glides on the lips) and Lip Smoker (for deep conditioner application). There are several other products from Laneige that make good choices for nighttime use, including the all night cream and nighttime moisturizer, along with the all in one night cream.

Sephora also offers a wide variety of lip balms, lip glosses, lip scars, balms for lips that have lost their gloss, as well as other beauty products and makeup. A Sephora review of the popular Lip Smucker will show that the product is a long-lasting, long-lasting moisturizer, while the Sephora lip scar cream review will tell you that it is very effective at treating those deep lines and scars. Another product from Sephora that is popular among women is the Lip Smacker. This product is very similar in function to Lip Smoker, but instead of being meant to be applied directly to the lips, it can be used with the Lip Smacker, which is meant for use on the lips.