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Is the Sunscreen Benefits of Titanium Dioxide Real?

Titanium dioxide, otherwise referred to as titanium(III) oxide or titanium, is the natural oxide of titanium and a chemical compound comprising a titanium ion and an electrophosilicate center. I have found titanium to be one of the best all round health supplements on the market. Its multiple benefits, i.e. it aids in the prevention and treatment of:

Titanium Dioxide

This being said, titanium dioxide benefits are not limited to humans. Animals can benefit from its use as well; however, they may require a different dietary supplement. For example, in certain countries, wild cats that feed on carrion have been known to display an increased incidence of tumors due to exposure to metal particles in their diet. In order to alleviate this problem, some companies have manufactured products containing small amounts of titanium dioxide as a sunscreen. Below are some of the benefits and uses for this product.

Protection from UV Light: Tanning and tanned skin can be a very dangerous time in a person’s life. It has often been noticed that whilst sunburns are quickly overcome, the damage to the skin often remains. Titanium dioxide is an effective barrier against UV light, therefore minimizing the possibility of developing cancerous growths. In fact, the pigment-grade titanium dioxide used in most products is a much better blocker than ordinary sunscreens. Furthermore, it prevents other damaging UV rays from entering the skin, e.g.

Melanoma: This is a very aggressive form of skin cancer that typically manifests itself as a spot or area of darker pigmentation on the face, trunk and neck. The majority of melanomas are caused by the UV radiation produced by the sun, which is often emitted when we are exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Titanium dioxide is used in many sunscreen products and it is particularly effective. It also works as an anti-ultraviolet light filter, thereby further protecting people from this potentially fatal disease.

Darker Skin: Melanoma and other cancers are often characterized by a raised base or tumor. In such cases, the body will attempt to fight off the cancer with efforts such as chemotherapy or radiation. However, these methods frequently have undesirable side effects, including the production of harmful free radicals. Many sunscreen products contain high levels of titanium dioxide, which acts as a neutralizer and prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin. This also allows those with fair skin to benefit from the sunscreen’s protective benefits while those with darker complexions can still benefit from the protective properties of titanium dioxide.

Improves Hearing: Ultraviolet radiation makes its way into our bodies through several sources. Some are caused by external sources such as the sun’s rays, whilst others are caused by internal sources such as pollution and smoking. However, the one culprit that has been identified as causing the most harm on the inside is mercury. This is why many hearing impaired individuals have started wearing sunscreen to protect their sensitive ears.

The benefits of sunscreen safety are becoming apparent to both healthcare professionals and the general public. While many other nations have banned the substance because of the serious health risks associated with its use, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet done so. The reason for this is because the benefits are not known yet. The sunscreen safety benefits of the titanium dioxide are not understood, however it is believed to help prevent skin cancer. It also may help reduce the aging process, promote collagen growth, improve lung function, increase elasticity and relieve pain, among other benefits. The benefits will become more clear once more data on the subject is gathered from studies conducted around the world.

The benefits of using sunscreen are now becoming better understood. Titanium dioxide is a new substance that has shown promise as an antioxidant, wound healing agent, antiseptic and sunscreens. More work needs to be done to determine how it works and what exactly it can do, but the potential to provide useful benefits is a real one. With continued study, the uses of sunscreen safety in the future should become clearer.