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Hair Repair and Hair Care

“Come see hair repair in New York City, where hair health comes before beauty.” Visit hair repair boutique in New York City where hair care comes first. We offer hair & scalp treatment, hair colour, split ends, re-growth & heat protective styling, hair highlights, color fix, fake tans, hand painted patterns, electrolysis, cuticle care, chemical free hair treatments, scalp massages & hot oil treatments. We are located at: 265 Bleecker St., New York NY. Address: Suite B, 25 Franklin St N.

You can find great discounts at this salon: Wet Hair Miracle, Hair Bytes, Hair Fix, Hair Lace Up, Hair Rescue, Manhattan Lace, Bumble and Bewear, Hair Fix, Rub-On extensions, sewn in hair mousse, permanent waving, textured wigs, & more! We accept most major credit cards and most major pay methods. If you have your own shampoo, conditioner, or hair mousse we will make that change without charging you a thing. Come for a beautiful look, feel comfortable and relaxed while spending less!

Create beautiful hairstyles without damaging your hair with our wide array of trendy looking hairstyles. Hair repair stylists at NYC salons can help you fix damaged hair using a variety of products that nourish and strengthen your strands. Our goal is to help you look fantastic without leaving the house. From relaxing hair mousse, to flat irons and styling tools, we have what you need.

Dry, brittle, and damaged strands can be helped by our exclusive line of shampoos. Our conditioning hair shampoos are formulated with the best herbs and natural oils to restore moisture to dry, damaged hair. We also use our air dry to air dry your hair to rid it of split ends, and frizz, without over drying. Using our exclusive Hair Repair Conditioner, Hair can become softer, smoother, and easier to manage day after day.

Long, thick mane takes many hours of styling, but with our best products, even the longest mane of yours can become healthy, shiny, and beautiful. No more smothering with gel, and no more soggy, frizzy hair. With our bestselling wash range – including Wash and Go, Dry Rock, to Hydrate and Beautify, replenish, and restore hair – your mane can look vibrant and shiny!

Dry, damaged hair can become damaged, too, when it is not hydrated. For those of you who have had to deal with split ends, we offer our exclusive Healthy Split End Treatment. This treatment gently removes split ends without leaving your mane with a heavy film or greasy feeling. For best results, please try using our Healthy Split End Treatment every six weeks to rejuvenate your mane. Our Hair Repair Conditioner can also help improve the condition of your hair. It can condition your hair from the roots up, making it stronger, shinier, softer, and easier to manage.

The best part about our Hair Repair and Hair Care range is that we are committed to treating all types of hair from thin, too thick, long, greasy, wavy, and in between. If you have any concerns about your hair, whether it’s just damaged, dull, or just need a little something to make it that way – visit us. You’ll be amazed at the difference our Hair Repair range makes. And, as well as treating your hair and preventing further damage, our Hair Care range offers a host of great tips for how to take better care of your hair.

Don’t let your mane slow you down! Get a head start on finding the best products for your hair and get started on removing those split ends today! Visit the Hair Repair website for all your hair treatment needs, from mane air dry treatments, to a healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle habits. You can lead a longer, healthier life when you choose the best products for your hair and keep these helpful hints close to mind.