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Eye Makeup Remover For Sensitive Skin

Have you been suffering from eye make-up for quite some time now? Are you starting to get fed up with constantly having red marks and irritated skin? If so, then maybe you should do some reading. There are many different kinds of eye make-up removers that are available today, but the best products come with a great and efficient review. So read on for my review on the best eye make-up remover products.

Believe it or not, there is a wrong and right way to remove your eye makeup for good. Everyone agreed on one thing: tugging or pulling on your skin causes damage and sometimes breakage of fragile blood vessels in the delicate eye region. This results in very visible, sometimes even painful lines around the eyes. You can easily rip the thin sensitive tissue located around your eyes and eventually wear down your skin (i.e, hello wrinkles). To make sure you do not experience any of these problems after you use the best products for eye makeup remover, have a small amount dabbed on your face before you go to sleep at night, while watching a movie, or right before going to sleep. This simple action will save you from a future of uncomfortable and painful eyes.

A popular and highly recommended brand for this purpose is called Babassu. I actually had to test this out myself before I bought it. A friend gave me a sample product, and I applied the lotion to my face with a cotton swab, while my husband kept watching to see if I started to feel any discomfort. After 20 seconds, my wife came into the bedroom and assured me that I was feeling fine, so she left. I tested the product for another twenty seconds, which resulted in a foamy and warm liquid running from my eyelids down my chin and out of my eyes.

So, I let my husband try it as well, and he also noticed that I had a bit of a strange sensation down below. It was warm, sticky and there were moments when the mascara looked a bit too thick. However, like most women who use it, I got used to it quickly and found that the irritating sensation was nonexistent. However, since my eyes were red, and my face was sore from all the rubbing I did to apply the product, I thought it best to get to the doctor to get injections of a cortisone-type medication.

When I went back to work the next day, my boss was looking over my work and asked me if I had seen a white substance on my eyes. I told him that it was a protein powder and that I swiped it off every night before going to bed. The next day I noticed that my eyes felt tired, even though I didn’t do any real eye makeup. My lashes were dry, and I just couldn’t think about my eyelashes anymore.

After realizing what was going on with my eyes, my doctor explained that it was in my veins and that it was clogging them up. He recommended that I go to a dermatologist and have the clogged veins surgically extracted. I was rather shocked at how easy eye make up could be to remove, but my eyes showed it was happening within minutes. What I couldn’t believe was that it happened without having to put on eye makeup. I was absolutely dumbfounded!

I brought my cotton pads with me to the office and wiped down my eyes as directed. Eye makeup remover comes in tiny bottles usually and I swiped my cotton pad down as directed. I wasn’t really expecting it to work, but I figured I’d try anything out of the box. I took a few swipes of the product on my eyes and sure enough it removed the mascara a few times. The mascara wand came away from my face, but my eyes were still bloodshot from the makeup.

After applying the eye makeup remover, I went back to what I was doing before – reading the book, exercising, and watching the sun rise and set over my textbook. It was a total waste of time. That was my first experience using these products for sensitive skin, but I’ve been taking them consistently for a few months now. They really do work great for keeping your makeup away. I’ve even been able to get my lashes to grow back!