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CLIV: Is it a Good Brand Name?

If you want to know more about a new company, CLIV is the perfect place to start your research. This is the brand under which many major multinationals have their European operations today. A recent industry study named CLIV as one of Europe’s leading 100 best brands.


The CLIV brand was founded in 1999 by restructuring the Italian clothing company Diageo into a number of smaller companies. These smaller companies later became CLIV. The Italian clothing giant Diageo became a part of CLIV due to the long term relationship and trust between the two parties. In fact, Diageo had been one of the major buyers of CLIV shares when they first started out.

Today, CLIV has over five hundred stores in twenty-eight countries. The brand’s main rival is Burberry, whose sale of the brand has been rising steadily over the last few years. Even though it has only been in operation for four years, it is already a household name in its own right. The selection of merchandise available from CLIV is huge, making it easy to find the right items for any occasion. Many of the products are suitable for men, women, or children. In addition, CLIV offers many different options for those buying new clothing.

In spite of the great selection, and big sales figures, many consumers may be turned off by the brand name. One reason may be that the cost of CLIV products is quite high compared to other brands. As with most big brand names, it is not cheap to get these products. That does not mean that it is the cheap alternative; on the contrary, it is true that the CLIV products are quite costly compared to many other top selling brands. To address this problem, the brand offers a free catalogue to its customers, so they can look at the products and decide whether or not they wish to purchase them.

It is also important to note that CLIV does not sell clothing. They are an independent company who sells private label products through the internet. Customer reviews are therefore important when deciding on a company to buy clothing from. In fact, CLIV has a clothing line of their own, but customer feedback and CLIV reviews show that the brand is popular among fashion-conscious women.

Reviews on CLIV show that the brand name is particularly popular among many professional female shoppers. As a result, CLIV can afford to offer very good deals on clothing. There are many different types of clothing available from CLIV – tank tops, blouses, pants and skirts, dresses, lingerie, etc. Many of the clothes are suitable for casual wear and many others can be worn as evening wear. However, it should be noted that CLIV clothing is not for everyone, as it caters mainly to working class women.

It should also be noted that the costs of CLIV clothing are quite low as compared to other brands in the same category. The reason behind this is that the manufacturing costs involved are very low. As a result, the manufacturer can offer very good discounts on the price of each piece. Since the brand name is well-known, sales of new pieces by customers are usually brisk. Hence, there are always new pieces coming into the CLIV catalog, bringing its sales up every season.

As is the case with most high-end brands, CLIV clothing also attracts people who do not normally shop for designer clothing. In addition to this, many people do not have the money to buy expensive designer clothes. Thus, they are very happy with buying pieces of affordable clothing produced by the best brand name in the industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a brand name that offers great clothes at low prices, then you should certainly consider CLIV. The brand name does not just sell clothes, but also has a reputation for excellent customer service.