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Bootea Tea Or Senna Can Be Used As a Laxative When Used With Detox Teas

The Bootea brand is owned by Herbalife International, which was founded by Mike Adams. Herbalife markets health and wellness products in over 180 countries around the world. Herbalife has been a leader in the weight management industry for over fifteen years. Herbalife does not sell diet or weight loss products; they sell nutritional and antioxidant supplements and energy and fitness products.


The Bootea brand senna and ginger root are combined in the Bootea Maxim senna & ginger root product. They claim to have detoxifying properties, laxative effect and an energetic feeling. According to the company’s website, their senna and ginger combination provide a cleanse, detoxification and laxative effect.

The senna is used to cleanse the colon. Bootea claims their products help eliminate the waste matter from your body while you detox. The long-term use of these products will result in better digestion and increased energy levels. They also claim their products help release toxins from the body through the excretion. Bootea uses only natural products that do not have any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, synthetic colorings or petroleum.

There are many detox teas available on the market today. Some brands claim to be natural herbal teas with no additives, or man made ingredients, and others claim to cleanse the colon or relieve constipation. One of the best products I have seen is the Bootea review. The Bootea Maxim detox tea provides strong laxatives, instant weight loss, detoxifies the colon, and cleanses the entire body including the skin, nails and hair.

The brand provides a free sample and free shipping for the first 100 bottles of Bootea Maxim Tea. The company has been in business since 2021 providing a variety of herbal and detox teas. The company is owned by two men, Richard H. Johnson and John J. Johnson. Bootea has received good customer reviews, and the brand’s main products have a high quality.

Bootea’s website mentions that they use only natural products that do not contain artificial preservatives, synthetic colorings, petroleum or artificial fragrances. Their products are sold online and at health food stores. The products are sold by social media influencers as well as other retailers that work with organic and herbal companies.

Most of the ingredients of the Bootea detox system include herbal infusions like senna, ginger root, burdock root, fennel seed, aloe leaf, catnip flower, lemon balm and fenugreek. The components have an all natural flavor, so you can enjoy the taste while cleansing your body from toxins and heavy metals. Each part of the system comes in three doses: a large size for early morning, a mid-day dose for before bedtime and a smaller size for bedtime. The system includes three convenient bedtime bags that help you sleep on your back so you are sleeping on your side. You can also get the Bootea detox online.

One of the most popular brands for detoxifying the body is Bottled Water For Health. You can buy Bottled Water For Health online and you can buy Bootea Teatox right beside your favorite beverage. The nice thing about the Bootea Teatox sachets is that they have a near-boiling water sachet that helps with constipation. The sachet has a lid that prevents it from spilling over when it is opened.

Many of the herbal detox products have had positive user reviews. Users find that the products do work as well as many prescription and over-the-counter products. They report a faster bowel movement, better absorption of nutrients, and increased energy levels. The Bootea products do not seem to have any sort of laxative effect, but they are also reported to cleanse the colon very effectively.

Many people who use Bootea teatox find that it works much quicker than other herbal colon cleansers. The sachets come in three doses. You will need to take one of the sachets per day when you first start using Bootea Teatox. As you use the tea or sachets, be sure to drink lots of water. Most people notice a difference after the first few days. It can take up to six months to get used to drinking the tea or sachets.

Bootea is not a laxative, so there are no negative side effects with taking it. However, it can be difficult to get to the recommended dose because of its size. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a pacemaker, you should consult your doctor before starting any detox teas. Some other herbal products may cause side effects like an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, or gas. Consult your health care professional before using any product containing senna or long-term laxatives.