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A Review of Babor – A Stylish Brand

Babor is a brand that is widely recognized in Germany and the Eastern European countries such as Austria and Switzerland. It is a fashion line started by Joachim Bloch in 1963. It was designed to cater for the high street market and has gone through various design changes since then. The current collection from Babor comprises of clothes for men, women and children.


I decided to buy a few Babor products to review them before making my purchase. This brand falls into the high street fashion classification meaning it is made for mass production. It is made with the same quality and style that have made it one of the most popular brands on the high streets.

There are several different categories under which Babor clothing can be found. These include: formal women’s wear, children’s wear, ladies’ wear, sports wear and casual clothing. The most common styles in this category are fitted shirts with V necks, long sleeves and bottoms. I decided to buy a couple of dresses in each category to carry out a range of different Babor outfits. After completing my research online, I decided to buy a jacket and vest that matched an old school black leather briefcase. These completed my look which completed my overall look.

To complete my online Babor review, I carried out a range of women’s style challenges. After researching the brand on the internet, I discovered the brand produces shoes, handbags, lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear. Although the latter product is much larger in size, I decided to review the Babor shoes which fall within the sports wear section. I decided to buy a pair of tennis shoes that matched my overall ensemble.

Upon completing my research, I decided to buy a few Babor watches for my wife and daughter. I discovered the brand makes stylish watches for men and women. To complete my online Babor review, I decided to buy a leather briefcase which matched an old school black leather briefcase. To complete my look, I decided to buy a couple of Babor jeans, white and black.

From looking at the online Babor store, I decided to buy a few Babor coats which fall within the women’s clothing range. I decided to buy a simple leather coat but I was given a range of different colour choices. A few coats were available in a red colour but I opted for a black leather jacket. The brand also has a full range of stylish jackets and cardigans. It became very difficult to decide which style jacket I should buy. It was almost impossible to buy coats that were fashionable without looking too ‘fussy’.

In conclusion, it can be said Babor is a great brand that manufactures stylish and classic items. If you are considering buying some Babor clothes or accessories, I would recommend you do your research online. Although Babor offers a large range of products, it can be difficult to know which designs will suit your style. To complete my Babor review, I also decided to buy a few winter jackets from this brand, all in beautiful Babor colours.

This article is just my personal view of Babor. As with any brand of clothing, what you will like may differ from someone else who has Babor shoes or clothes. This brand of footwear and clothes are particularly popular amongst the younger generation. If you are interested in buying Babor, I urge you to visit their online boutique and check out the available ranges. There you will find more information on Babor shoes and items.

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