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Home Workout For Your Home Gym

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Home Workout

With all the different home workout options available today, it is easy to get confused about which workout will be most effective for you. And while many workouts have gained popularity, many of them are not effective. A popular option that has become popular in recent years is home training workouts. While home training can help you lose weight if done correctly, there are also many different benefits that make home training a great fitness alternative for many people. If you are looking to get fit but are unsure which type of workout would be best for you, here are several different types of home fitness workouts to consider.

One type of home workout that is growing in popularity is bicep curls. These are perfect for building up those biceps, as they are relatively easy to do, yet are incredibly effective. If done correctly and regularly, these basic, intermediate, and advance bicep curls can be just as effective as an out-of-the-door gym workout, though they are usually more time-consuming. The trick is to concentrate on compound exercises, as lifting heavy weights will help to increase lean tissue mass.

There are two basic kinds of dumbbell workouts. For your upper body, you can do front and rear deltoid extensions, side lateral raises, single-arm rows, and upright row, while also doing bench presses, wide-chest flyes, and squats. For your lower body, there are leg curls, squats, calf raises, reverse crunches, lunges, and dumbbell floor passes. The idea is that each of these exercises works multiple muscles at once, which helps to give your entire body a complete workout. While doing these exercises over the course of several weeks can be helpful, especially if you are just getting started with home fitness workouts, you may want to stick with the simpler ones for the time being until you feel like additional exercises are necessary.

You should not do more than eight or nine sets of each exercise for each set of muscle groups, no matter how many reps you do. Three sets of 12 reps per set is all you should attempt. If you feel like more weights are needed to target your entire body, consider working with a weight set or cable pulley instead. Using these two pieces of equipment allows you to complete much more work in less time, and can provide a very intense home workout.

Some of the most common exercises for the chest, including push-ups, chest flyes, incline push-ups, flat push-ups, and military press push-ups, also lend themselves well to a home workout with the legs. Squats, dead lifts, and step-ups are good for the legs. In order to work your calves, calf raises, and hamstrings, do leg curls or pirouettes, respectively. A few other exercises that can target the legs include knee leg lifts, calf roasts, and running sprints.

Other home workouts can include using your own bodyweight in place of dumbbells, or using nothing but your own body weight for all or some of your exercises. For example, sit-ups, heel raises, and bent-over rows can be done using nothing but your own body weight. And as an alternative to dumbbells, consider using the resistance of your own body. One way to do this is by doing Russian Twists, which incorporate a weight stack into the exercise. Other exercises that can be done using your own body weight include pull-ups, chin ups, dips, lunges, squats, and push-ups. Whatever your goals for home workouts, there are many options available to you

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